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Untamed Herbs stays current with the latest technologies and is constantly researching and working to bring our patients the best information and medicine available. We also believe that keeping our patients educated with up-to-date information onmedical cannabis is how we can successfully integrate natural relief into their everyday lives.


Untamed Herbs is an Arizona State Licensed Medical Cannabis Dispensary that is committed to ensuring the health and wellness of their patients. Untamed Herbs also continues to be the standard in the state of Arizona when it comes to providing the highest quality medicines, services, and education to our patients. Since opening, we’ve been striving to propel innovation and patient advocacy within our industry.


Moreover, at Untamed Herbs, our widely knowledgeable patient advisors can help you decide the best way to administer your medical marijuana dosage and answer any questions you have about the medicine we provide. In addition to reading our Patient Education Packet, you can reach out with a call or visit Untamed Herbs during our business hours. You can also email us with your questions and we will get back to you in a timely matter. We are always happy to help.


By now you probably know that only your doctor (MD or DO or a licensed Naturopathic or Homeopathic physician) can recommend medical marijuana to you and this is only after a full assessment of your medical history. This is an important first step into natural healing that must be taken care of before you can use medical cannabis.


When you begin your healing journey into natural medicine, it can be confusing and you may not know where to begin. It is our pleasure at Untamed Herbs to assist you with dependable information and research regarding medical cannabis and best practices when administering. We take pride in our products and stay educated on the newest technologies and trains available so that we can best help you.


Additionally, Untamed Herbs has educational reading materials for patients that might answer any initial questions. Downloading and reading our Patient Education Packet can help you obtain a basic understanding of the benefits of medical cannabis and the different strains and compounds as well as the treatment and administration options that are best for you.


Before you start medicating with medical cannabis and medical cannabis compounds, it is crucial to read this Patient Education Packet and speak to our health partners so you can educate yourself and your health partners about the risks and potential drug interactions that could occur and allow us to answer any queries you may have. As a patient, speaking regularly with Untamed Herbs’ staff and communicating with your doctor is an important part of your journey to natural healing using medical marijuana.


Staying in touch with Untamed Herbs and our staff of knowledgeable professionals will allow you to fully understand your medication and to use its benefits correctly. Asking questions and allowing our patient advisors to assist
you is the best way to keep safe, responsible, and pain free. Your natural relief is important to us! Let Untamed Herbs help you live a pain-free and relaxed life.